Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks 2017

The online music lesson industry has grown considerably in the past few years. More people have realized that it is no longer necessary to hire a private tutor to learn an instrument. All you need for online lessons is a functional internet-enabled device, an internet connection, and your instrument and you are ready to start your musical journey.

At present, there are several online guitar lesson sites offering guitar tuition to people all around the world, the most popular being JamPlay and Guitar Tricks. Below is a comparison pitting jamplay vs guitar tricks that will help you, the aspiring guitarist, to make the best choice.

Jamplay vs GuitarTricks

  1. Membership fees

JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks is an interesting comparison, the first consideration however, should be the cost. What will it cost you to get all that each site has to offer? Interestingly, both sites charge the same monthly fee of $19.95 for full access to lessons and student material. The difference, however, comes in the yearly fees. Guitar Tricks charges slightly less for the year than JamPlay. JamPlay, however, will give you extra benefits such as live webcam lessons with your favorite instructor, as well as an earlier introduction to your preferred style and genre.

Do any of the sites offer a free trial period? Yes, Guitar Tricks offers a 14-day trial period. Once the trial period over, the student pays their membership fee. Payment of this fee gives the student full access to the resources on the site, as well as a 60-day money back guarantee. JamPlay, on the other hand, does not give customers a trial period. Instead, students get a 7-day money back guarantee on the first month’s membership fee. Evidently, JamPlay is confident that they offer top-notch services that will not warrant any customer refunds.

  1. Lesson Structure

When looking at lesson structure, it is important to take note of the sequence followed. Are the lessons systematic? Is there some form of progression from beginner to advanced level? Both Guitar Tricks and JamPlay offer lessons that follow a clear path that takes the student systematically through the program. Guitar Tricks uses the Core Learning System, which takes the beginner through two modules on guitar basics before moving on to the next step.

On the contrary, JamPlay has only one beginner module followed by genre lessons. The JamPlay lesson system suits the beginner who wants to delve straight into his or her line of specialization. This however does not mean that their core structure does not have adequate theory lessons. On the contrary, JamPlay has such lessons integrated into all the progressive lessons that students take.

JamPlay has a system that introduces a learner to their favorite genre and style almost immediately after completing the first module as well as studying all guitar playing lessons that relates to this style. JamPlay encourages earlier specialization, leading to a higher student retention rate as students get to play the music they enjoy.

  1. Resources

Comparing jamplay vs guitar tricks needs also take into consideration the resources that each site provides its users. Signing up on either site should give you access not only to educational videos but other resources to make your learning experience richer. As such, both sites offer HD video lessons, tab and chord charts, backing tracks, song lessons, a metronome and a guitar tuner.

Apart from these, Guitar Tricks gives you the option of downloading lesson videos from their website. Guitar Tricks also has over 10,000 video lessons, compared to the 5,200 lessons you find on JamPlay. Although JamPlay has fewer song lessons and video lessons than Guitar Tricks, its resources are a lot contemporary. JamPlay also has a more stylistically diverse range of lessons that include bass lessons, genre-specific song lessons as well as riff tutorials. In short, JamPlay has fewer resources that cover a lot more ground.

  1. User-Friendly Website

Both Guitar Tricks and JamPlay have put a lot of thought into their websites. If you look at the Guitar Tricks homepage for instance, there is a live image of a guitarist. That alone should inspire a first-time visitor to the site to sign up! The JamPlay website is also very welcoming, with videos on the homepage giving you details on the services offered.

Both sites are easy to navigate with straightforward drop-down menus and clear instructions on how to find what you are looking for. In addition, once you open an account, you can monitor your progress as well as bookmark lessons that you would like to review in future.

The main difference in these two sites lies on the home page. For a person who is in a hurry and needs to get to the relevant pages quickly, JamPlay’s website is the better option. It lists the lesson categories on the home page where any visitor can easily find and click on them.

One other advantage of the JamPlay site is that its progress tracker gives younger students the chance to collect badges and points for every milestone achieved. Lastly, the JamPlay website receives more regular updates regarding lesson videos and song lessons than the Guitar Tricks website. Now doesn’t that make the JamPlay site much friendlier?

  1. Extras

Here are some other benefits of signing up with either of these two lesson providers. First, Guitar Tricks gives you access to their active community forum, downloadable video lessons, and one educational game. It is worth noting that all the videos on Guitar Tricks come with a loop feature.

The loop feature enables you to repeat specific sections of a video lesson. JamPlay too, gives you access to the community forum but also throws in three educational games and live webcam sessions. These webcam lessons allow you to interact with the tutor, who in most instances, is an accomplished performer. By doing so, you get to learn as much as you can from him. These live tutor sessions make JamPlay the best option for students who are looking to delve into the depths of their favorite genre.

There you have it – JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks. Now that you have all the information, you can make an informed choice when making your decision on which site to choose for your online guitar lessons. However, based on the information above, JamPlay wins hands down!